What have our students achieved?

Rachael Frank

Studying History at the University of Cambridge

I was a student at Milton Keynes Academy from year 7. I have always enjoyed learning and I left year 11 with 9 A* GCSE grades.

When I joined Studio 6, I knew that I wanted to become a History teacher and I wanted to try my best to go to Oxford or Cambridge University. I studied A-Level History, Geography and English Literature and accomplished A grades in all of my AS exams at the end of year 12.

The Studio 6 team supported me through my University application process and I was provided with an external mentor specifically for my Oxbridge application. This was a fantastic opportunity supporting me with my personal statement and also interview practice, something that I had never experienced before.

I was thrilled when I was offered a place at Cambridge to study History and look forward to returning to MKA to talk to other students about my experience.

Jerome Hart

London School of Economics to study Economics and Politics

I have always had a keen interest in all things Economics and to say that I am interested in Politics would be an understatement. I often joke about setting up my own political party. I know that I work hard to achieve the best grades that I can and I really enjoy reading. This has helped as I read a wide variety of text to broaden my knowledge of not only everything that I study but also of the economy, politics and society in general.

I worked hard to achieve high grades at AS I am delighted to have been accepted at the London School of Economics in September 2017.


Temmy Bamishe

After studying a range of styles in A-Level Dance, my peers and teachers noticed my potential to excel in dance and achieve a successful career in the arts. They then encouraged me to apply for one of the top stage schools in the UK, The Urdang Academy; an independent performing arts academy that is highly dance driven. I was ecstatic when I received an email congratulating me on not only securing a place on the foundation course in Professional Dance and Musical Theatre, but I was also granted a fully funded scholarship.

I’m very proud and excited to start at The Urdang Academy although very nervous because my strengths are in Street Dance and Contemporary; therefore learning new styles of dance such as Ballet and Jazz are going to be a new and challenging experience for me. I’m looking forward to receiving training at Urdang as it will improve and enhance my talent to provide the best opportunities in the future.

Simran Rooprai

My name is Simran Rooprai and I am currently a year 13 student studying at The Milton Keynes Academy. When deciding what courses I should take I wasn’t sure of what I wanted to do in the future; therefore I chose the courses that interested me most. I chose to study BTEC Business, BTEC Health and Social Care and BTEC Travel and Tourism. At the time of choosing my subjects I was particularly interested in Health and Social Care and was certain that I wanted a career within this field of work. However, after undertaking work experience placements I realised that this is not what I wanted to do. Through my study at the Academy I was able to achieve some great grades during my GCSEs at the end of year 11 which I’m proud of. Once I have finished sixth form I have been offered a place at University to study Human Resource Management. In the future I hope to successfully complete my degree and find a job within Human Resources.

Edmund Acton

I chose to study A Level Psychology and BTEC Level 3 ICT in order to study Digital Forensics at a higher level.  I became intrigued by how fast technology was evolving around the world and developed a keen interest in investigating and analysing information after my first year of studying A-Level Psychology and IT.

One of my greatest achievements was getting seven GCSEs in a year. I  also have a certificate of accreditation from Milton Keynes Council after attending a course in Wales organised by the Outward Bound Trust which helped me gain and build on my interpersonal skills such as communication and team working skills.

My plan after studying at Studio 6 is to take a Digital Forensics course at university to provide me with the necessary knowledge, understanding and evaluative skills relevant to studying Computer Forensics and Security in detail and at a higher level.

My aspiration for the future is to pursue a career in Computer Forensics and Security, in a growing digital age where computers become more integrated into society, I feel obliged to help and defend people and systems from cyber-crime.

Salma Ahmed

The subjects that I am currently studying are Sociology, Health and Social Care and Applied Science. I chose these subjects based on the career I want in the future. In September, I plan on attending the University of Hertfordshire to study Diagnostic Radiography and Imaging for 3 years. After this, I wish to pursue a career in Diagnostic Radiography and eventually, specialise in one specific area.

However, sixth form life isn’t all about choosing courses – it is also about participating in some extra-curricular activities and volunteering. Last year I took part in the Young Enterprise scheme where students from every school in the country have the chance to form a team and create their own unique business. This was a massive success for my team as we managed to win various awards such as ‘Best Presentation’, ‘Best Trade Stand’ and ‘Best Overall Company’. Alongside all of this, we were the only team in Milton Keynes to make it all the way to the county finals.

In addition to my achievements, I successfully competed with the other sixth formers for a paid internship with the Halifax. This involved passing rigorous tests, an interview and training sessions.  I was successful in that I was offered a summer job which I accepted and was later offered a permanent Saturday contract because of all my hard work and commitment. Working at Halifax has been an incredible experience and has taught me a range of different skills. When I leave to go to University, the Halifax is willing to transfer me to a branch closer to the University, meaning that I have a secure job in place.

Other things that I volunteered to do included becoming a Studio 6 Ambassador. I was taken on as the Careers Ambassador following my success at Halifax. I also participated in a challenge that would inform young people about water safety. All of the different opportunities that I have seized have provided me with something extra to put on my CV to make me stand out from other candidates when applying for jobs in the future.

Shazmin Ahmed

I study Health and Social Care and Applied Science. I chose these particular subjects because I wanted to apply for a Midwifery course at University at first and I felt that these subjects would provide the right foundations to achieve a place at University.

Throughout the year I have grabbed every opportunity that was given to me. My first achievement was becoming a Studio 6 Ambassador, and then I managed to get involved in The Young Experience competition. As a Young Enterprise team, the first award we were presented with was ‘Runner Up Best Overall Company’ at the Middleton Hall Trade Fair. We were so successful that the director from Sky Events personally offered me a job as a part of their promotional team.  We smashed the area finals winning ‘Best Trade Stand’, ‘Best Presentation’ and being ‘Overall Best Company’. Furthermore, I achieved an individual prize for the development of business skills during the competition.  From there, we went on to win ‘Best Presentation’ at County level and I personally went further to be awarded the ‘Journey Award’, an award given by the YE South East regional director.

My business knowledge gained through Young Enterprise convinced me to apply for a course in Business Management instead of midwifery. Therefore, after Studio 6 I plan to go on to higher education at the University of Westminster and study International Business Management.

My aspiration for the future is to become a corporate lawyer.