The Online Curriculum

The online curriculum is a learning community where students can access resources provided by teachers, upload homework, take online tests and much more.  It is an extension of the classroom and is a place where staff can provide extra support to students in a number of ways.

It is a safe community in that only MKA students, staff, parents and governors can access the site and its resources.  MKA  Moodle also integrates with the school management system so you can access your child’s Learning File and check on attendance, achievement and behaviour, along with your child's personal school calendar.  MKA Moodle is in its developmental stage at the moment, but as the project progresses it will become an invaluable online learning community.

To access Moodle, you need an internet connection and a browser.  You will need to visit the quick links on the Academy website or


More Information

Get a copy of The Moodle guide for parents here.