“Inspirational” say students, as they successfully complete new programme

Mon, 25 Jun 2018
Star Student
Great results are important, but in today’s increasingly competitive workplace they are unlikely to be enough on their own to impress employers. With that in mind, this year the Academy was delighted to launch the very first Inspiration Programme. The programme involved Year 12 students in their first year of Sixth Form

The programme, an Action4Youth initiative, is tailored to ensure that students receive a wide and varied range of experiences, helping them discover and understand what makes the community in which they exist what it is today, and learn why it is so important.

The Inspiration Programme is an entirely new course designed to broaden the horizons, thinking and experience of young people in our community. It aims to make young people aware of how communities and society work whilst making them understand their place within their own community which in turn increases their future potential. The Programme is an NCFE certified personal development course and therefore acts as a valuable addition to the CV and personal statement of many students.

Taking place throughout the academic year, the course consisted of five elements, which each ran for half a term. A crucial aspect of the programme was to engage students in real experiences, therefore them out of the classroom and into real-life situations. The various modules consisted of how the Charity, Business and Arts & Culture sector worked, alongside modules on health and wellbeing and the Police and criminal justice system.

Our Year 12 students have adapted well to the programme, grasping many of the opportunities presented to them and embracing the challenges presented. They were recently awarded with certificates for their successful completion, and also particularly seemed to enjoy the cake they received!

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