Subject & Qualifications

We offer a broad and balanced curriculum that fully prepares our students for further study and work. We offer an excellent mixture of academic and vocational subjects all the way from Year 7 to our sixth form.

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Business and Enterprise is our specialism. This not only means that we pride ourselves on our business related courses, but we also ensure that the skills and creativity that employers demand in today’s world are delivered through all subjects.

We have strong links with many national and international businesses based in Milton Keynes, for example Nifty Lift, Santander, Serco, Network Rail and Deloitte. These links help us to enrich our curriculum and to offer our students valuable opportunities to work with other successful organisations.

Our students begin their GCSEs and BTECs in Year 9, a year earlier than many schools. This gives our students an advantage as they have an extra year to specialise in preparation for their examinations. We have a wide range of courses to choose from; we have something for everyone!

Sixth Form

The majority of Year 11 students choose to progress into our fast growing sixth form known as 'Studio 6', which offers an attractive range of courses, both academic A levels and vocationally based BTECs. Every student is equipped for life after the Academy with our unique 'Futures Programme’. We have an excellent record of sending our sixth formers either to their first choice university or into the world of work.