Students Prove to be Super Sleuths

Mon, 11 Mar 2019
Star Student

Year 10 and 11 students on the Urban Scholars programme proved that they have what it takes to be forensic experts. They were taking part in a ‘Forensic Science Day’ on Saturday at Brunel University.

The students had a ‘Forensic Literacy’ workshop, where they were shown some of the tools the police use to analyse all forms of written communication involved in a crime to help them catch the criminals, from ransom notes to text messages. In a particularly moving part of the workshop, students looked at the statement supposedly written by Derek Bentley that police used as a confession.

Students were also asked to solve a murder and were shown how to complete blood and DNA tests as well as using their deductive powers to find the murderer. It was a very competitive day and students relished the challenges! Sara, one of the Year 11 students was named ‘Student of the Month’ and received some ASOS vouchers in recognition of her leadership and teamwork skills.

Urban Scholars is a programme funded by Niftylift and delivered at Brunel University. The programme is designed to work with more able students to develop their critical thinking skills and to give them the knowledge and confidence to reach for aspirational careers.

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