MKA STEM team excel at Rotary competition

Mon, 20 Mar 2017
Star Student
Students at Milton Keynes Academy enjoy a wide range of stem activities. These are specially designed to support excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. In line with this our MKA Stem team recently took part in a competition organised by the Milton Keynes Rotary which was run at Denbigh School.

Students were challenged to design and build a car that could push stones in a tube faster than any other design. Students had to plan their work and then design and test their car against all the other designs. Our students really enjoyed the day, testing and putting in to practise a lot of theory they had learned over their studies.

They were also particularly proud to be praised by Cllr Coventry, the Mayor of Milton Keynes, who were highly commended by the Mayor for the high standard of their portfolio work.

Each student received a rotary certificate for their contribution to the day, and we expect many of them to continue their interest in the STEM subjects well beyond Milton Keynes Academy.

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